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Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand. Click for Membership Form.

15 November 2013
.Notice posted on Environment Southland (ES) website. . Public Notice

Public notice is hereby given pursuant to.s95A -.RMA 1991 .that the folllowing application for resource consent has been received by ES.

Southland District Council Application No. 302625, is to:

1. discharge treated wastewater from the Te Anau Wastewater Plant, onto land up to a max rate of 4,500 m per day at the Kepler Block.
. ..The discharge is a Discretionary Activity under rule 5.2.1 of the Regional Effluent Land Plan. .Southland Effluent Land Plan. .Rule, pg 50.

2. discharge odour to air associated with the discharge of treated wastewater onto land. The discharge is a discretionary activity
.. under rule 5.5.2 (16) of the.Regional Air Quality Plan. .Southland Air Quality Plan .Rule, pg 32.
. .

Land know as Kepler Block to the north of Te Anau airport runway at or about NZMS260 D43:927:063.
Legal Description: Lot 2 DP 410687

NOTE: Environment Southland is the brand name of Southland Regional Council.

  Committeesi Meetingsi .i  
  Te Anau Community Board (TACB) 15 March 2006 Cover Letter, ES and SDC see item:
  SDC / MWH Contractors & TACB 20 June 2007 Page 1. Te Anau Sewerage Working Party Page 2. Te Anau Sewerage Working Party 2 pages. Costs
  SDC / MWH Contractors 27 Feb 2008 Cover Letter, ES and SDC meeting with land owners
  SDC / MWH Contractors 06 April 2008 Cover Letter, ES and SDC powerpoint presentation
  Te Anau Community Board 16 June 2010 Cover Letter, ES and SDC see item: 10.0 .Airport
  Te Anau Community Board 20 July 2010 Cover Letter, ES and SDC see item: 6.3 .& Public Forum
  Te Anau Sewerage Working Party

06 May 2013

Cover Letter, ES and SDC

Manapouri & Te Anau. Notes


Download Application, (320 pages) 26 MB

Application, click image
320 pages. (26 MB)

14 Feb 2014: Submissions close i .
June 2014: Additional documents from SDC Waiau River Statute.
14 July 2014: Joint Hearing held in Te Anau. Lake Manapouri Statute.
18 July 2014: Hearing adjourned. Commissioners
\ \ \\ \\ \\ \ \ request more information from SDC.
Lake Te Anau Statute.
Below, speaking on their submissions at July 2014 Hearing: Bird Strike. Final Assessment.
Ruth Shaw: Submission to Hearing Ruth Shaw Submission. (name removed)
Alan Youldon Submission. (name removed)
i .
.i Pages below from SDC Application:i . .Jan 2014 SDC open-days, airport i . . .
. .pg i: Executive Summary pg 7: Te Anau WWTP. Map pg 13: Kepler Block site. Map pg 19: Pipeline route. Map
. pg ii: Effects pg 8: Tourist projections pg 14: KBlock irrigation. Map pg 20: Homes, Kepler Mire
. pg iii: Odour, groundwater pg 9: Current permit 202636 pg 15: Pivot irrigation. Photo pg 21: H.Creek, K.Mire Map
. pg 1: Consent filing pg 10: Wastewater quality pg 16: KB operational regime pg 22: Issues - wind, rain
. pg 4: Background pg 11: Anaerobic - odour pg 17: KB ponding/pasture/birds pg 23: Wind rose. Map
. . Costs: 20 June 2007

pg 12: Kepler Block. Map

pg 18: KB sprinkler monitoring