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Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand.
Permission granted from phoographert/Fairfax NZ. Sign by Ray Willett

A Brief Timeline

15 Nov 2013: Online notice by Environment Southland that the
Southland District Council (SDC) has applied for permits to
spray treated sewage onto land and discharge odour into the

air. Location: Kepler Block at the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport.

14 Feb 2014: Final date to send in a submission.
14 July 2014: Joint Hearing held in Te Anau.
18 July 2014: Hearing adjourned. Commissioners request more
. . . . . . . . . . .research to be carried out by SDC's experts.

Aug 2014: Society formed:.Fiordland Sewerage Options Inc.
................Email: teanausewage@gmail.com
................Facebook: www.facebook.com/fsoptions

17 Nov 2014: Hearing x3 days resumes.
20 Nov 2014: Hearing ends. Decision to be released Jan 2015
23 Jan 2015: Decision released. Consents granted.
31 Jan 2015: Fiordland Sewerage Options to appeal decision.


Updated 2 August 2016

Continued Timeline: Jan 2015 - Aug 2016

  • Our thanks for the donations Fiordland Sewerage Options (FSO) has received. As we don't have contact details for
    everyone, please phone or email us if you would like a receipt: Phone 027-436-8882.

  • Donations: FSO faces huge expenses in its upcoming Environment Court battle with Southland District Council (SDC).
    Any help to meet our costs is well received. Donations can be made to: Bank Account Number 38-9016-0202185-00

  • News: to date - 66 articles, 41 letters published re Te Anau Sewerage Issue.. 2007 to 2016

Special Notice

02 Aug 2016: Better Local Services Bill . document:

Southlander's views on the above central government bill can be expressed to the SDC by phone, email or post.

What impact will the bill have on Southlander’s decision making regarding projects that affect our lives?

Under the bill: water supply, waste water and transport could be put into council-controlled organisations. The bill was
introduced to parliament last month, June 9th. Public submissions for the bill closed July 28th.

The following link summarizes the bill, including details about waste water: Information Sheet Package Summary

SDC published a full-page advertisement opposing the legislation, Saturday 30th July newspaper


Recent and Upcoming Events, Issues:

  • FSO Fund Raiser Auction and Dinner 24th Sept 2016. Speaker will be present followed by auction.
    Location: Manapouri Motor Inn. Tickets on sale soon.

2016 July: The next FSO Annual General Meeting to be held Thursday 14th July at 7pm, Manapouri Motor Inn.

2016 May 24th -
.FSO article, Southland Times. Fiordland Sewerage Options - The Story So Far: .Southland Times 24 May 2016

2016: Monday April 4th Meeting, Wastewater Committee, 10am to 12noon at the Distinction Hotel, lakefront Te Anau.
Report from peer review contractor, Pattle Delamore Partners, March 2016:

2016 March 17th - .$50,000.00 legal assistance has been granted by the Ministry for the Environment to FSO. The grant
is to be used by FSO in its court battle with SDC. Before this legal assistance was granted, FSO have spent $38,000
of its donated funds in its efforts to convince the Council to look at other sewerage options:
.Fiordland Advocate

2016 Feb 11th - Newspaper report on Public Meeting held 8th Feb at the Te Anau Club: .Fiordland Advocate

2016 Feb 8th - Public Meeting arranged by FSO. Monday 7.30pm, Feb 8th Te Anau Club. An opportunity to hear facts,
figures and an explanation of an alternative sewage scheme proposal. See below, guest speaker.
.Fiordland Advocate

Photo by Fiordland Advocate, Te Anau.

FSO Public Meeting, Fiordland Advocate 11th Feb 2016     Guest Speaker, Peter Riddell,
Managing Director:

Public meeting held Feb 8th 2016.

Peter is a consulting engineer with over 40
years experience in wastewater projects.

His company incorporates award winning key
components in the wastewater treatment
process, resulting in low power and
maintenance requirements.

How does FSO's proposal compare to SDC's scheme?

Are you concerned about how our rates are
allocated for the current scheme?

For more info about the meeting contact:
Furry 027 2219 230 or Ruth 249 6664

2015 Dec 16th - Public meeting. Peer Review Report. Te Anau Wastewater Project Committee. Report includes minutes
from 10th Nov meeting, Action Sheet 16th Nov and Committee summary of sewerage options, advantages/disadvantages.
At same meeting, presentations by FSO Committee members:
.R. Shaw . .A. P-McDonald / P. Hampton .

Southland Times Photograph

2016 Jan 9th

Cardboard race Te Anau's 20th annual event. This year's
event held to raise funds for the Marakura Yacht Club.

FSO's cardboard boat, named "La Crappe" came in
second with a whale of a time had by all. Around
600-700 people attended the event.

Cardboard boat race: Southland Times

2015 Nov 12th -
Peer Review Contractor presents preliminary findings:
Fiordland Advocate

2015 Nov 10th - Film Night & Supper fund raiser at the Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn. Thanks to everyone who attended.

2015 Sept - Public Meeting held in Te Anau. Purpose of the meeting, for people to speak to the peer reviewer consultants:
Pattle Delamore Partners. Newspaper reports:
Southland Times . Fiordland Advocate

2015 Aug - Peer Review Contractor Chosen by the committee noted above Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP). Engineering
specialists with a focus on environmental issues.
Contractor Chosen

2015 June - Te Anau Wastewater Project Committee: As a result of the Nov 2014 Hearings, SDC formed a new committee
and included Manapouri representatives. The committee met for the frist time:
June 2015. to choose a contractor responsible
for peer reviewing the SDC's proposed sewage scheme.
. Committee Members

Other info:

FSO Chairman Report: Annual General Meeting was held 11th June 2015. Chairman's Report, document:

Newspapers 66 articles and 41 letters from the public re Te Anau sewerage issue. . From 2007 to 2016


Fundraising, past and present

We welcome your ideas as we get our fundraising projects rolling...

        Designer toilet rolls with cartoon wrappers by:.Martin Doyle
see the newspaper report, 4th June:
.Fiordland Advocate

Quiz Nights. A big thank you to everyone supporting this event.
Proceeds raised at the Quiz Nights are donated to FSO. A fun time!
See local papers for schedule, held at:
Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn

        Decorative illuminations sold at the Winter celebrations were a success!
Thanks to all who made purchases, a big boost to our fundraising!

Firewood Sales. Workbees started August 2015 processing timber
donated to FSO fundraising. Firewood sales commence Feb 2016.
When ready to split & stack, we will need trailers & men to help.
If you can pitch in, please email Zeb: 


23 Jan 2015: Consent has been granted to Southland District Council
(SDC), by the Commissioners. Hearing decision report:
. Hearing Decision

1. Commissioners decision on Resource Consent Applications, consent is granted to SDC as follows:

(a) Discharge Permit No. 302625: To discharge treated wastewater onto land from the Te Anau wastewater treatment plant, via a spray irrigation system, onto land known as the Kepler Block legally described as Lot 2 DP 410687

(b) Discharge Permit to Air No. 302625A: To discharge contaminants to air, namely odour and spray drift, arising from the
irrigation of treated wastewater authorised by Discharge Permit 302625.

2. Recommendations to Southland District Council on Notice of Requirement:

We recommend that the SDC confirm the Notice of Requirement for Designation D80 by the Water and Waste Services
Division of the Council to designate land for public utility purposes (sewage works) on Lot 2 DP 410687.

FSO Inc. Committee

Download Application, (320 pages) 26 MB


The Kepler Block land sewage disposal site is located approximately 19 kms from Te Anau.

The sewage pipeline will terminate adjacent to the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport.

The Kepler Block is within 2.5 kms from the Manapouri town bounday and less than 1 km from nearby homes.

Photo below (taken 1980's): Area surrounding Te Anau-Manapouri Airport when flooded.

Manapouri township is located in the background of the photograph.


SDC's Resource Consent


Application. 320 pgs

1980's flooding at Manapouri Airport
  Below, all 150 public submissions on the Sewage Project: Below, 40 submissions on Re-zoning. Notice of Requirement (NOR) D80,
    to designate Kepler Block as a Public Utility for sewage works purpose.
  Submissions, 1 - 40 . Submissions: 1 - 40 ...
    Submissions, Designation D80, Public Utility. Submissions on NOR. Re-zoning: 1 - 40
  Submissions 41 - 72. .Submissions: 41 - 72 ..
    ........Below, submission Fish & Game, Resource Mgmt Officer:
  Submissions 73 - 105. .Submissions: 73 - 105 ...
    Submission Fish & Game .Fish & Game, J. Smyth
  Submissions 106 - 150. .Submissions: 106 - 150 . .... .